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    Radiator Repair Phoenix

    If your car overheats, then you’ve lost all your coolant, or there’s a chance you have a broken part of the radiator. Looking under your vehicle, and if you spot green, pink, blue, or orange puddles, then you’ve got a significant leak somewhere.

    It is time to call your local mobile mechanic firm as you need a radiator repair from a mobile mechanic and driving further isn’t an option.

    The worst time to realize you need to fix your radiator is when driving. Mobile Mechanic Pros of Phoenix are the best at mobile radiator repair,and we can get you sorted and on the road in hardly any time.

    From the moment you call, it doesn’t take too long to get one of our Phoenix mobile mechanic teams with you, no matter where or when you are stuck. 24/7, we can come to your aid.

    Coolant Leaking

    Coolant leakage can be caused by corrosion, broken hoses, high temperatures, and sticks or stones hitting your radiator. Leaks are the primary reason for radiator repair,as you often see from that large leak under your car.

    If you have a slow leak, you can top it up and get to your destination, but you’ll be stuck in Phoenix once you lose all the coolant from your cooling system.

    To send out a competent mobile mechanic as soon as you see a leak, you need to contact Mobile Mechanic Pros of Phoenix. The typical locations where you may have leaks are:

    • Split Hoses from the engine to the radiator
    • Leaking or missing radiator cap
    • Head gasket or engine block leaks (water mixes with oil in this case)
    • An external leak in a worn or broken water pump

    Overheating Temperatures