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    Car Tune Ups In Phoenix

    Tune ups are important to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. They can prevent more costly repairs down the line, so you need them periodically! When a tune up is performed on any type of vehicle there are many things checked (and replaced if needed), after which it's common for mechanics to run through diagnostic tests in order show what adjustments need made restore engine power.

    The more often you have these services done at home versus taking it into our shop or coming here ourselves during off hours, means less time spent waiting around while someone else does all the work--which saves both money AND lets us get backlinework Done!

    The mobile mechanic Phoenix loves fixing cars, but his schedule doesn’t always allow him too much free time. I'm sure there are plenty who would say otherwise due out love affair with working together as one team doing whatever needs repairing or replacing! The ignition system has been proven to be key component in any car engine and can cause more problems than most other parts; modern cars have brake components replaced by computerized controllers- not all items make it though regular maintenance routine for this reason.

    Distributor Cap & Rotor (if applicable)

    It's not just your car that needs a tune-up! The distributor cap and rotor are important to the operation of all engines. On top there is an arm with metal points which make contact with each spark plug wire during startup, this allows for sparks down these cables into cylinders where combustion occurs under pressure producing force from power generating elements inside every machine! Over time (and if taken care) they may wear out due only when there isn't enough contact between them at all--a problem called "detonation".


    The filters on a car are not only there to keep the exterior clean. They also work as an important part of engine ventilation system that helps blow off debris and dirt before it enters into your vehicle's bodywork!

    Air filters And Oil filters

    if you have an inefficient air filter or dirty old one in your car it will reduce gas mileage by up to 14%. With carburetor engines this number could be as high at 18%. You should change out that dirty old one before performance starts suffering any more than necessary!

    PCV Valve

    Your engine needs a PCV Valve to prevent air from entering the crankcase and leading to excessive oil usage, an improper fuel-to-air mixture ratio.

    Exhaust System Troubleshooting Phoenix AZ 85017

    Why should you care about changing your engine belt?